In the early 1950s, George Bean of Nob Hill Arkansas had a vision of building a Chapel in Clifty, Arkansas. Presumably, this remote part of Madison County offered George’s vision both the convergence of several well-traveled roads as well as the possibility of a piece of real estate on which to build. Within a short period of time, Mr. Bean shared his dream with his friends, Noel and Hazel Easterling of Huntsville, who became equally excited and who soon put Mr. Bean’s vision into action by beginning the construction of a single room sanctuary. Most, if not all, of the building project is said to have been a labor of the Easterling’s love for the Lord and was, for the most part, financed by their generosity. Prior to its completion in 1958 at its current location, what would become the Clifty Chapel held its meetings in the basement of a gas station and general store across the street.

Thanks to the vision of George Bean and the Easterling’s hard work and personal sacrifice, we now enjoy a beautiful and comfortable house of worship.




1958 – 1961   Noel & Hazel Easterling

1961 – 1963   Clarence & Mary Lou Tice

1963 – 1965   John D.& Dorothy Birchfield

1965 – 1966   Noel & Hazel Easterling (Second term)

1966 – 1969   Eldon & Audrey Bagwell

1969 – 1974   Bobby & Jaunita Shepherd    

1974 – 1976   Lonny & Connie Burks  

1976 – 1983   Anthony & Pansy Lane

1983 – 1985   Jim & Martha Sisco

1985 – 1987   Cecil & Carol Case

1987 – Present   Dwayne & Georgia Lane